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Our technical support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We maintain the largest fleet of Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro editorial systems and shared storage solutions in the U.S.


We install and maintain systems locally, nationally and worldwide.


Our streamlined maintenance and pre-built systems avoid technical delays.

The Hula Difference

Studios, independent producers and other content creators worldwide rely on Hula Post as a trusted partner and a source of excellence and innovation.

Hula Post is a leading, independent provider of post-production technology for television and features. We offer proven, end-to-end solutions encompassing editorial systems and other gear, workflow design and installation, system upgrades, custom production technologies and technical support. We feature a large inventory of Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro editorial and finishing systems. We also offer a powerful array of local and networked storage systems. Any of our systems can be delivered and installed at your location site, anywhere in the country or the world.

"We deliver customized, integrated solutions encompassing every aspect of post."




We offer a complete range of Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro editorial and finishing systems and feature an array of powerful local and networked storage solutions. Our staff is highly-trained with hands-on production experience and in-depth understanding of the latest digital workflows, camera systems and media formats.

Creative Space

Creative Space

We can create the perfect space for any production. We offer complete, turnkey solutions for post-production with state-of-the-art gear and on-site support. Our beautiful facilities come with lots of amenities and are conveniently located near major studios and other entertainment companies.



With more than two decades of experience in servicing post-production systems, we are committed to ensuring that your gear is operating at peak performance. We offer service plans for editorial systems, networking components and other IT infrastructure. We also support legacy technology including most popular video decks, cameras and related equipment.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

We are much more than a source for great equipment and service. Our skilled professionals can assist in technology assessment and workflow design. We tailor solutions to your production requirements, budget and schedule.

Our Team

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053_HulaPost2014_JSPhoto-72024-hour support.

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From the Blog

Hula Post Production’s Josh Rizzo to Take Part in “Cloud” Panel at NAB

Josh Head Shot

At NAB 2015, Hula Post Production Chief Technology Officer Josh Rizzo will participate in a panel discussion about emerging cloud-based workflows for production and post. Part of the Entertainment Technology Center @ USC’s Media Management in the Cloud Conference, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Leaving Physical Media Behind in a Digital World” is set for Tuesday, April 14th at 11:00 a.m., Booth S219.

Moderated by Christine Thomas, Dolby Laboratories Senior Director, Content Solutions, the discussion will focus on cloud success stories, workflow improvements and future challenges as productions make the transition from physical media to cloud-based modes of production. Along with Rizzo, panelists will include representatives of Equinox, Front Porch Digital, Dolby Laboratories and Wipro Technologies.

Rizzo will also be featured in one of the ETC’s Vignette Chats at NAB. Titled “It’s All ‘Production’ Now,” the chat is slated for Wednesday, April 15th at 12:30 p.m., Booth S219.

Additionally, Rizzo will take part in a streaming video program at the Teradek Cube, C6025, also sponsored by the Entertainment Technology Center. Rizzo will join ETC’s Erik Weaver and WCP Media Services Managing Director/Americas Ken Yas for a discussion titled “The Cloud: Where We’re at Today.” Hosted by journalist Debra Kaufman, the event is scheduled for Monday, April 13th at 3:30 p.m.

Hula Post Production “Selma”

Hula Post Production provided editorial systems and support to Selma, the new film from Paramount Pictures and director Ava DuVernay chronicling the historic civil rights march led by Martin Luther King in Alabama in 1965. The film, which stars David Oyelowo as King, is currently nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Picture. It earlier won Movie-of-the-Year honors at the AFI Awards.

SELMAHula Post Production initially supplied Avid Media Composer systems and Avid Unity shared storage to editor Spencer Averick and his crew while they were working on location in Atlanta, where principal photography for the film was completed. Later, Hula set up identical editorial facilities on the lot at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. Hula provided round-the-clock technical support at both sites.

Selma marks Averick’s ninth collaboration with DuVernay. He first worked with the director on her 2008 documentary This Is the Life. Reflecting on Selma, Averick says that telling a story based on recent historical events carries special responsibilities. “We felt a great obligation to get the story right,” he says. “We knew that there were a lot of people who were in the movement who were going to see this film.”

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Hula Post Production Outfits the Editorial Team for Universal Pictures’ “Dracula Untold”

Hula Post Production provided editorial systems and support for Dracula Untold, Universal Pictures’ new action film now in international release.

Working in support of editor Richard Pearson and his crew, Hula set up editorial facilities in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the film was shot, and at Universal Studios in California, where it spent 40 weeks in post-production. At both sites, the editorial environment consisted of six Avid workstations and shared storage. Both in Ireland and the U.S., Hula provided technical support on a 24/7 basis.

Dracula UntoldPearson, whose previous credits include Maleficent and Safe House, says he was attracted to Dracula Untold by its unique take on history’s most famous vampire. “It was an interesting time in history with the Ottoman Turks moving through Europe,” Pearson observes. “And Vlad Tepes, the young prince, was a fascinating character, both abhorred and beloved by his people.”

Pearson adds that he enjoyed his collaboration with director Gary Shore, who was making his feature film debut. “I am keen to work with first-time filmmakers,” Pearson says. “It’s always exciting. Gary was very involved in the editorial process, and we spent a lot of time together in the editing room.”

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Hula Post Production Supports “Nightcrawler”

Hula Post Production provided equipment, facilities and support to the editorial team from Nightcrawler, the new thriller from director Dan Gilroy and Open Road Films. Services supplied to editor John Gilroy and his crew included Avid DX editing systems, Avid Unity storage , editorial suites on Los Angeles’ Westside, and round-the-clock technical support for a post production schedule spanning eight months.

imagesProduced by Bold Film, Nightcrawler is the story of a man (Jake Gyllenhaal) who becomes embroiled in the L.A. crime scene while working as a freelance journalist. The film also stars Renee Russo, Bill Paxton and Riz Ahmed.

John Gilroy, whose previous credits include Pacific Rim, Warrior, Salt and Michael Clayton and who is the twin brother of director Dan Gilroy¸ describes Nightcrawler as a dark, anxious, riveting story that required a taut, aggressive style of editing. “I approached it the way I do any film,” he says. “I tune into the director and the script and find the best movie I can. Danny’s film required controlled chaos. It was fun.”

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Hula Post Keeps “Madam Secretary” in Sync

Hula Post is among the largest renters of editorial systems and related gear in Southern California. Along with more than a dozen returning scripted and non-scripted television series, Hula is servicing three series premiering this fall: CSI: Cyber, Madam Secretary and The Messengers, all for CBS.

Madam Secretary is one of several shows taking advantage of StorageDNA Sync, a media synchronization engine available through Hula. Where other file transfer services require the sending party to upload files to a server and then for those files to be manually “pulled” back down by the recipient; DNA Sync is point-to-point. For example, a production in New York can transfer files at accelerated speeds, directly to hard drives or shared storage at the post production facility in Los Angeles. That, in fact, is precisely the workflow employed by Madam Secretary.

madam-secretary-tea-leoni-ftr“Our clients were frustrated with having to wake up at an ungodly hour of the morning to go into work or log into a system to initiate a download,” explains Hula chief technology officer Josh Rizzo. “More and more shows work cross country and dailies processed in New York might be ready at 2 a.m. L.A. time.”

“DNA Sync eliminates the extra download step. When the assistant editor in L.A. arrives for work in the morning, yesterday’s dailies are ready and available for use. It’s one less step that saves some time and allows folks to focus on the creative work, not the tech. Plus, who doesn’t want to get a full night’s sleep before another day of work!”

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