Hula Post Keeps “Madam Secretary” in Sync

Hula Post is among the largest renters of editorial systems and related gear in Southern California. Along with more than a dozen returning scripted and non-scripted television series, Hula is servicing three series premiering this fall: CSI: Cyber, Madam Secretary and The Messengers, all for CBS.

Madam Secretary is one of several shows taking advantage of StorageDNA Sync, a media synchronization engine available through Hula. Where other file transfer services require the sending party to upload files to a server and then for those files to be manually “pulled” back down by the recipient; DNA Sync is point-to-point. For example, a production in New York can transfer files at accelerated speeds, directly to hard drives or shared storage at the post production facility in Los Angeles. That, in fact, is precisely the workflow employed by Madam Secretary.

madam-secretary-tea-leoni-ftrMadam Secretary’s production team in Los Angeles wanted to avoid having to wake early in the morning to initiate a download of dailies processed overnight in New York. DNA Sync eliminates that extra step. When the assistant editor in L.A. arrives for work in the morning, dailies from the day before are ready and available for use. It’s one less step that saves some time and allows the team to focus on the creative work, not the tech. Plus, they get to enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep.