Real Time View is the fastest, easiest way to view dailies and media in real time during the editorial process. The web-based platform allows producers, directors, editors and other creative decision-makers to view media on virtually any device—computer, tablet or phone. Be a part of the editing room at any time, from anywhere.

    Real Time View is fully secure and encrypted. You control access through a browser; only people you invite are able to see your files. For the end-user, the experience is simple and streamlined. The system works with any camera and edit system, with either SDI or HDMI connections, and includes embedded audio.

    Real Time View is a boon to the creative process. Directors, producers and cinematographers can stay abreast of creative editorial, color and related post work. Colorists can keep better track of looks established on the set. Post production is more efficient. Color is always “on point.” Temp screenings look better.

    We’re very excited about Real Time View’s ability to streamline postproduction and color decisions in a Media Composer post workflow. Color decisions can now be made throughout editorial, starting with dailies and updating the look of a shot or a scene on the fly, or applying LUTs and ASC CDLs as scenes come together. Real Time View is a powerful tool for use in refining your look in context as the story takes shape.

    Real Time View’s accuracy in maintaining color fidelity has been proven in real-world production and can be employed at any stage of the production from dailies through final color.

    Leading Hula’s Real Time View development team is Michael Phillips. Michael is the co-inventor of Avid’s Film Composer and the product designer of the Symphony lines. He was honored with a Sci-Tech Award in 1993 and an Oscar™ in 1999 as part of the Avid team. Michael’s varied career also includes work as a camera operator, production sound, film editor and technology consultant. Michael continues to conduct cutting-edge research in new technology and workflow solutions for digital production.


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